Pivot Points

Pivot Points

I don’t know that I ever planned to help run a restaurant, but here we are.  Oftentimes as I circle around and talk to people, they ask how we got here.  They ask what my background is in the restaurant industry.  And so I muster my reply…

It isn’t.  I have no background in the service industry whatsoever.  I have never waited a table or rolled a set of silverware in my life.  And here I am, managing the ins and outs of a restaurant. 

So I am constantly working to outgrow my insufficiencies.  I am learning the lingo.  I am working alongside the staff.  I am paying attention to the body language of customers.  And I am thinking through every detail of how to make this the best experience possible for every person that walks through the door.  

— — — —

Pivot points.  It’s something I didn’t know about before.  But if you have ever worked in the restaurant industry, then maybe you have understood the importance of the pivot point.  You see, when you walk up to a table for the first time, you must determine the point from which you will begin.  This is the guest you will begin with as you work your way through the table.  Your entire frame of reference must be focused on the pivot point.  Everything hinges on that, and it determines where you will go from here as you serve.  

It’s the beginning of the service experience, but it’s called a pivot.  And I find that interesting…  

Because anytime we start something new in life, it’s going to require a pivot.  We don’t like that part.  It’s hard to start something new.  And it’s hard because we have to pivot.  

A pivot is not a first step.  A pivot is standing right where you are in this moment and choosing to change direction.  In fact, you may not see movement in your journey.  It’s simply a choice to change direction.  That’s the pivot.

But we live in an instant gratification society so we want to see the movement, so it’s hard to choose the pivot. 

We get hung up on the past.  I’ve done too much. 

We get hung up on the future.  I’ll start tomorrow.

We get hung up on fear.  Will people think I am a hypocrite?

We get hung up on doubt.  I don’t even know what I’m doing.  

Just choose the pivot. 

You may not see the next step.  You may not see a change in your movement just yet.  But choosing to change our direction is the very first step.  When we focus our entire frame of reference here, we can focus on where we will go next.  We can wait with watchful eyes because we are focused on the right horizon.  And we can be certain that when we are obedient in the pivot, God will be faithful with the provision…         

One thought on “Pivot Points

  1. Owning and managing a restaurant has to be at the top of the list of one of the most difficult and challenging occupations. The difference of a good restaurant and a great restaurant is the management. Having a Pivot point and being willing to chose to change direction is a fantastic outlook on providing great service.
    You are definitely living your life on the Pivot. As a customer, the experience at your restaurant is enjoyable as well as filling. We always leave with the intention of coming back soon.
    Thanks for reminding us that when we are obedient to God in the Pivot, He will be faithful in the provisions.
    Thank you for sharing your life stories.

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