Pappy’s Boots

Pappy’s Boots

Within the last year, sweet husband has embraced his inner cowboy.  (I’m not complaining…)  His greatest desire has been for ostrich skin boots, but y’all, those suckers are pricey!  I am not entirely sure what makes them so fantastic, but we definitely saw a pair recently that were over $1000… and that’s just crazy.

Good news is, back in the late 80s, my dear daddy apparently had the same desire.  And well, Tony Lama boots were a bit more affordable back then.  So last week, my mom gave sweet husband Daddy’s boots.  I couldn’t be prouder.  He gets compliments on them everywhere that we go, and he is so excited with his “vintage” boots.

The other day, Vaughn and I were in the kitchen.  The boots were at the door as sweet husband is generally kind enough to not trek them across my snow white bedroom carpet.  Love him for that.  So the following conversation ensued:

Vaughn:  “Momma, that’s Pappy’s boots?”

Me:  “Yes, buddy, that’s Pappy’s boots, but Mammy gave them to Daddy.”

Vaughn:  “Well, Momma, Pappy needs to take em to his house!”  [Poor child is sort of a neat freak like me…]

Me:  “Bud, Pappy is in heaven with Jesus.”

Vaughn:  “Well, he needs to take his boots to heaven!”

And that was that.

I’m guilty.  I wouldn’t say I’m a brat about it, but I like nice things.  But I do know that things don’t matter.  While Daddy left us his boots, he left even bigger shoes to fill– the sound of his laughter and the humor that was present in everything he did, the integrity of being an honest man, the love displayed in a wife who gathered her courage and raised her two small kids alone, the importance of going to church on Sunday and spending time with the family on Saturday.  He was a good, good man.

Daily we have an opportunity to make a difference, to be kind, to do something small that will build a legacy far greater than cowboy boots.  Today, and everyday, don’t take for granted what you’re leaving behind.  And when you’re gone, make sure you have left extraordinary boots to fill…

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