The Source on the Search

The Source on the Search

A few weeks ago, we took advantage of a day off of school, which provided a long weekend and a vacation… to Lufkin, Texas. Since sweet husband’s business is there, sweet husband is also there, and really any time with Daddy is a good time. We also brought along my dear momma, who is a complete history buff. Since we have been in Lufkin, she has been asking to go to Nacogdoches, just a short drive up the road, to see some of the historical sites there. Nac is the oldest city in Texas, so there was lots of history to fulfill her heart’s desires.

Being the resident planner of all things in our family, I worked up an itinerary that was the perfect blend of fun for the kids, educational learning opportunities and some historical tours for my momma. We truly had a blast walking the old brick street and making our way down through the main part of town that is rich in history and character. We made a stop inside an old general store called the General Mercantile and Old String Shop. Not only did they have antiques, they also had antique instruments. So essentially, it could have been called My Momma’s Slice of Heaven.

I have to admit that even I was feeling really nostalgic as my feet walked through the store, and I imagined the old walking skirts brushing against the rustic wooden floors as they shopped for supplies before heading back to the homestead. My kids scurrying through the store interrupted my daydreams and as I snapped back to reality, my mom came over to whisper, “Can they have a prize?” It’s not often you can tell grandma no, so I accepted her offer and went out to get some fresh air and wait on the sidewalk.

Sweet husband and I chatted outside and enjoyed a few moments of adult conversation. And then… they emerged. With their prizes. HARMONICAS. Yep. Three identical harmonicas. Who in their right mind purchases HARMONICAS for three children seven and under?? Apparently, my mother. Although, based solely on that decision, I am not sure she is of sound mind.

So three brothers playing made up songs on harmonicas can be pretty cute… for about 19 seconds. And then competing notes ringing from each of their instruments can become a bit, how shall we say… ANNOYING. God bless my momma. Nevertheless, they each continued through the afternoon working to master the art of harmonics. (SPOILER ALERT: None were mastered.)

The next morning, my oldest was frantically looking around for his harmonica. He had looked around but couldn’t find it. After exhausting the places he thought he should look, he asked his younger brother. His two year old brother. This began a wild goose chase led by two year old whimsy and wandering. Somehow, my oldest had no inclination that this would not end successfully, that his younger brother was just looking anywhere he felt without any promise of the prize.

And as I watched their wild goose chase, a deeper meaning came to mind. (God teaches me His best lessons through my littles.) How often do we go on a search for what we think we are looking for? How often do we look to sources on our search from which we have no business seeking direction. Society, media, celebrity influence, people around us… these are all places we look for direction in our lives. Why not look to the very One who made our hearts and minds?

Do you know that the boys never found the harmonica? (Of course, my mom found it later.) They never found what they were looking for. And when we don’t look to the right source, we may find that we will go through life feeling seemingly unsatisfied and unfulfilled… never finding what we are looking for. But when we place our hope, trust, and faith in God, we will find the path illuminated in a direction that is a sure shot. Destined to get us where we need to be. His plans for us are perfect, and He is the Source we need in our search…

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