Get on The Court

Get on The Court

Well, folks, we are on the precipice of basketball season.  This means that the next two months of our lives will be consumed with running around to practices, the constant rhythm of bouncing basketballs, and cold gym seats.  

As we started practices this past week, I honestly loved getting to watch our two older boys in the gym.  They have both been working hard on their athleticism and agility, practicing together at home, and anxiously awaiting the start of the season.  With no basketball season last year due to the pandemic, they were 7 and 9 the last time they graced the courts.  A lot of growth can happen in two years, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much each of them have advanced in their skills.   

But there was one thing that stuck out to me even more.  One of the two is not as agile.  He didn’t rope quite as many baskets.  He doesn’t have the height of other kids or the speed.  But he is coachable.  

I understand the bias this may present, but I honestly think he may be one of the most coachable kids I’ve ever seen.  I watched as he walked nervously through the gym doors.  I watched as his coach came over to greet him, and even in his first hello, his attention was fully focused on the task at hand.  I watched as he gave his best effort in every pass, play, and drill.  I watched as he kept his eyes laser focused on the coach’s instruction.  He gave quick nods to demonstrate his understanding and foreshadow his obedience.  He instantly course corrected with every single direction.  

This is not to say that we can take any credit for this as his parents.  This is just the way he has been since birth.  Intrinsically motivated to do the right thing.  No matter what.  Was I proud of his practice?  Certainly.  But more than that, I was inspired.  

Like God often does with my kids, He gently guides me through their actions.  Here I stand at the edge of a new chapter in my life.  I am working on new things and will spend the next season of my time enveloped in unfamiliar work schedules, the awkward rhythm of learning something new, and undoubtedly cold, hard trial and error.  

I have done the work to prepare for this season.  But when the uncertainty creeps in over my efforts and abilities, I want to remember the nature of my child.  I want to be coachable.  I want to put my best foot forward in every step of this journey.  I want to keep my eyes perfectly affixed to the direction I am given.  I want to let my actions display obedience to what I have been called to do.  And I want to be humble enough to course correct when it seems I am headed off track.    

You see, God doesn’t call us to be an all star.  He calls us to be coachable.  He provides the abilities, He magnifies the favor, He instills the strength.  We’ve only got to be willing to step out on the court and follow His direction. 

I wonder if there might be something you’ve held off on because you didn’t think you were the best player for the team.  Maybe you’ve been uncertain in your own abilities, and so you have put off doing what you know you are supposed to do.  Today, find freedom in knowing that it isn’t about you or your abilities anyway.  In fact, God promises us that we find strength in Him when we are at our weakest.  He has everything you need.  And all you need is Him.  

Eyes on the Coach. Now get out there, friend.  It’s your season.  

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