More than a Moment

More than a Moment

About two months ago, sweet husband and I started working out with a trainer.  About a month ago, he made us start boxing.  Not each other, though that might be an interesting way to sort out simple marital spats.  Just whole body training through boxing.  

Y’all, I can’t explain it, but I absolutely love it.  We go and we wear ourselves out and we leave and we get home and I am already counting the moments until we get to go again.   My little girly self sincerely cannot get enough.  

One day, we were at the gym, and I started a round.  Our trainer called out the punch combinations, and I got to punching…  and punching, and punching… and punching some more.  When I got tired, he told me to push through.  And then I punched some more.  We kept going until I think both of us were too stubborn to quit, and when the set finally died, I had been throwing punches for fifteen minutes straight.  It was far longer than I think either of us had intended, certainly me.  But when the quit moment came, we kept going.  And when the next moment came, we pushed through.  We saw past the present moment of pain, and kept fighting.  

It has been a week.  I mean, a WEEK.  On Sunday, we found out our dear friends unexpectedly and tragically lost their young son.  Our hearts were obviously beyond devastated for our friends’ unimaginable loss, and we were also so grieved by the tragedy ourselves as this little boy was so dear to our family.  On Wednesday morning, we awoke to news that our kitchen manager who has been with us since day one unexpectedly had a stroke and was in ICU.  Only 30 years old, he has a very long road of uncertain recovery ahead.  That was yet another huge blow to our emotions as we love him like family.  Beyond that, we were also stunned by the business implications of losing such an incredible key player on our team.  Add to those things the general day to day stresses of life… and honestly, it has just felt like getting pummeled with punches.

So I mean it when I say, it has been a WEEK.     

If there is one thing I think society today is missing out on, it is a never quit attitude.  We quit, we cancel, we move on so very quickly.  Why?  Because we base our decisions on a moment.  

Life is so much more than a moment.  

In marriage, in business, in friendships, in life, in faith– we cannot make decisions to quit based on the difficulty of an isolated moment.  

I love my husband more than anything in this world.  But sometimes we have off days that take some pushing through.  That’s what love does.  It pushes through.  It chooses to love when like feels hard.  And no matter how solid your marriage is, you’ll need to do this sometimes. 

I believe in our business and the legacy we are building.  But some days are insanely stressful for a million different reasons.  That doesn’t mean we close down and give up.  It means we keep pushing and building and taking one day at a time.  

I am grateful for my friendships more than nearly any gift I’ve been given.  But there are whole seasons where I am not able to be the friend I want to be because life is bananas.  Friendship doesn’t throw the bond away, but gives grace in these seasons and knows it’s feasible to pick up later where we left off.  

I know that I have an incredibly wonderful, blessed life.  But some days are really crappy, and I just want to hide and cry.  That doesn’t mean I give up on life, it means I keep showing up for life, knowing that tomorrow is a new day.  

I believe in the goodness of my God more than anything.  But sometimes I cannot see the good in the present situation.  Sometimes it’s hard to see Him at work.  Sometimes I don’t understand His plan.  But I can still trust in His goodness.  I cling to the assurance that He sees the big picture, and my life is simply a vapor.  Right now, I know only a little bit, but one day, I will see it all.  

And all of these things are what keep me swinging.  When the sweat and tears are dripping.  When I feel like I can’t possibly go another round.  When life feels like too much.  I don’t base my decision on the moment.  I know I’ve got so much more in me than only this moment.  So I will push through.  I will fight harder.  I will keep going.  And I know that I will be amazed on the other side at the strength inside of me.  

Here’s what’s beautiful… you’ve got it too.  You’ve got the strength to keep going, keep fighting, keep pushing through.  

Don’t lose hope in the moment.  You are stronger than you know, friend.  Keep throwing those punches.  Keep going…               

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